Belmont Preparatory School

John Stevens


School Profile:


Founded in 1880, Belmont Preparatory School is a co-educational school for children aged 2 to 13 years. We offer day education for all children and optional weekly boarding or flexible boarding arrangements for children from 7 years old. Our belief in 'Achievement through Happiness' lies at the heart of the school and children of all ages and abilities are able to thrive in this dynamic and caring environment.


Use of My Learning:


At Belmont we use My Learning in a range of situations. In the Lower School (Yrs 2-4) the platform is used to get children used to the concept of “flipped learning”, understanding the principles of independent research, using learning spaces, creating documents and using resources. The children also get used to accessing simple homework tasks on My Learning before more concentrated use in the upper years. In the Upper School (Years 5-8) the children are making use of My Learning to a much greater extent and with greater independence. Learning Spaces have been extensively populated by subject departments, allowing the children to focus on homework and class based tasks. Every homework task is now solely made available in the Homework and Tasks areas. This has made staff use of the platform even greater. Children are now submitting work both through My Learning and by hand. Staff are becoming increasingly adept at setting work that is easily accessible both in school and at home. Since Belmont began using My Learning in 2014 staff have increasingly seen the benefits of the platform. Focused learning goals and tasks are easily set and pupils have a direct link to the most relevant materials, both for research and producing their work, in the form of file areas, learning spaces and task lists.


Staff are also realising the benefits of the storage capacity that My Learning provides, as a means of remote access to their work. The school has also made use of the School Advertiser facility to publish school newsletters and other useful information. Many staff make use of blogs within their lessons and as a summary activity for homework.


The children are benefitting from a much greater use of IT and becoming more adept at using a range of technologies. The children enjoy that they are allowed to personalise their My Learning experience. They have also benefited from the ability to participate in Blogs and safely send messages within the My Learning environment. This has greatly enhanced the childrens’ understanding of the importance of e-safety and how to safe at all times online.


My Learning has been fantastic at providing support and training for the school. We have been integrating our MIS with My Learning, which has been a project for both Double First and My Learning, but the fruits of the labour of the development department of My Learning is certainly now paying off.

Development of the platform is ongoing and as a school we have been impressed that our ideas are considered and used where appropriate.

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