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Janet Lloyd


Company Profile:


Primary Languages Network supports and advises schools with Primary Languages, from getting started to enhancing, with subject planning advice, staff training and CPD, language teachers, teaching resources with French, Spanish and German SOW and networking opportunities. With over 20 years’ experience and a strong team of experienced Primary Languages practitioners, including native French, Spanish and German Teachers, delivering a tailored service to support schools.


Use of My Learning:


The VLE provides our community with an excellent platform to disseminate, share and develop outstanding practice in primary language teaching and learning. The VLE platform is ideal to host clear, authentic native speaker sound files to both upskill non-specialist teachers in the key language for each lesson and also for children in any learning environment to have immediate access to native speakers and authentic pronunciation.


We use the VLE to store and share authentic story and song clips and to create links to websites and materials that can enhance the core learning of primary languages. We have also created Ready Made French and Spanish, which is a new approach to our SoW and brings together components from all areas of the VLE to create condensed, creative and one click away lesson planning for busy classroom teachers.


The opportunity to organise 5,000 resources plus guidance on the implementation of primary languages on the VLE offers our network huge gains. From the homepage we can access comprehensive lesson planning, assessment tools, record keeping, tracking sheets and assessment spreadsheets, a network blog to keep us all up to date and a search button, should we fail to find what we may be looking for!


The VLE provides a communication, linking and sharing platform so that each school or teacher/practitioner can benefit remotely from other schools and their real practice. As CPD providers we can load up virtual lockers of key information that we may share for language we practise at the staff CPD. School communities are able to upload evidence of progress to their own secure school user files meaning that the subject coordinator is confident that a clear record is being kept for discussion or sharing with SLT, governors and Ofsted.


We use many great features of the VLE; easy uploading and editing of content in various formats, posting to the “Network Blog” for schools, saving YouTube clips locally on the VLE allowing all schools to access these language videos to name a few. As the VLE is being continuously developed by My Learning, we learn the new functionality and integrate it for our users. Some recent developments that have been very well received; viewing and editing of native Microsoft documents online, particularly the latest PowerPoint functionality allows us to share language stories with built in audio (to help non-specialist teachers) and as each new version of My Learning VLE is released we can add to and improve our functionality.

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