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Anita Pradhan


Democratic Electronic Voting


In a brand new initiative, the GEMS New Millennium School – Al Khail Investiture Ceremony saw the student council leaders selected through online voting, which was a swift, interactive and fun event for the students of Grades 4 to 9. A voting form (using the My Learning Form tool) was created in their individual, grade specific learning spaces, with the photographs of 46 candidates who stood for 10 positions and sub councils.


Students just logged onto My Learning and with one click on the drop down menus they could vote for the most eligible candidate in the various student leader categories. Results were provided straight after the voting by using the ‘Export’ option, and the results could easily be filtered to view the winners (maximum votes) by category.


“The students from Grade 4 to 9 were very excited,” said Anita Pradhan, Digital Learning Leader at GEMS New Millennium School. “They were allowed to login using their own devices from 7.30 to 7.50am to vote online. By 9am the results were announced on the PA system to the entire school.”


A thrilled Eishitha Dermal and Anannya Jain of Grade 6B agreed: “It was easy to vote this time compared to last year as there were drop down choices and we just clicked the option. Each of us completed it in a 30 second record time!”


“Innovation through the use of technology is a way of life at GEMS New Millennium School, and it was fantastic to see important areas of the curriculum, such as citizenship and leadership, combine seamlessly with modern technology to provide a wonderfully engaging experience for our students,” concluded Mrs Pradhan.

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