Fusion Lite - Feature rich and simple

Upto 800 individual users   |  100GB of combined storage  |  Online hosting only

Includes ALL features from Fusion Free!

Fusion Lite is ideal for schools who need a single solution which connects their students, teachers and parents together. It has all the standard features which any school needs, and it also contains all of the features from the free edition too.

The result is a user friendly, simple to use digital platform for your entire school.


Includes all features from Fusion Free as well as the features below


Daily backups with recovery for 2 weeks


Create blogs for classes or the entire school.


Personal and school calendars keep students, teachers and parents connected to events.

Cloud Drives

Access Dropbox, One Drive and Google Drive files on any device.

Create DOCX

Create Microsoft Word DOCX files without needing an Office 365 licence.

Data Import

Upload CSV/XLS to create users/groups. Or add manually

Free App

Parents, Teachers and Students benefit from our free Fusion App.

Group Login

Use animals and colours to allow groups of users to login without a password


Create, share and mark homework for students. Full feedback supported.


The built-in markbook allows you to grade and generate reports on students work.

Mood Meter

Allow users to share their mood and profile message

Password Policies

Set and manage your own password complexity policy

Recycle Bins

Any deleted items are kept for 30 days before being removed

School Spaces

Create and share dedicated areas for the entire school (Newsletters, Forms etc)

Site Search

Search for any content, in any document/area quickly and easily.

Social Profile

A safe, protected area to allow students to create personal profiles.


Online video library, WIKI knowledge hub with email and ticket based support only. Includes live chat support.

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